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School Groups/Education Field Trips

​Education is very important to our community and to Q-ZAR.  One of the great opportunities we proudly provide is the educational field trip. We even offer the ability to incorporate a teacher's lessons into our game!

We have an arena device called a Game Station that players can interact with to get secret power ups and bonus points for their team. All you have to do is provide us with the questions you'd like our Game Station to present and 4 potential answers for each question in a "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" format. We'll take it from there to make sure the questions are pre-loaded to the Game Station by the time your group arrives.

We can even store the questions on our game computer for future visits.

If you'd like to schedule your school group to come in and play, Contact Us for details and scheduling!

Q-Zar Game Station1

School Group Rates

  • 2 Games of Laser Tag

  • Saves $2.00 off walk in price

  • Space Guaranteed

Package is for a minimum of 10 Players. Payment must be made in one transaction.  Available during normal business hours

Exclusive facility rentals are available. Contact us to set up an exclusive event or for more information.

There is no outside food allowed and no seating will be reserved.

Q-zar Kids Playing
Q-Zar Game Staion 2

Private Facility Rental

Need a customized team building event or just a chance for your school group to have Q-Zar Toledo exclusively for yourself?   This is great for groups of 24 or more.

Our 1 hour Private Facility rental is $350.00

Our 2 hour Private Facility rental is $650.00

Our 3 hour Private Facility rental is $900.00

We can also offer the following options:


Unlimited Soft Drinks for your event - 1-30 people - only $30.00/hour

Unlimited Soft Drinks for your event - 31-60 people - only $60.00/hour
Pizza - Large 1 topping 10-cut pizza for only $13.00 (Must be ordered in advance)

Get $24 tokens or 100 tokens for only $20.00
Get $65 tokens or 250 tokens for only $50.00
Get $100 tokens or 400 tokens for only $75.00
Get $125 tokens or 500 tokens for only $100.00

To book an exclusive facility rental, please contact:

Tysin Morrison

Store Owner


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