Base Flags - Each player will have to start the game in their own base in order to energise themselves. Players who are energised will then be given 1 life, and must then head to the other teams base and tag it in order to gain a single point. However, as they only have one life, once they are tagged, they must return to their own base in order to re-energise.

Buddies - Buddies is based on the Standard Team game bit with a twist; players on the same color are buddies. This means that if one player of a team/color is deactivated, so is every other player. Buddies is best played with 2 to 4 players per team.


Capture - In Capture, when a player deactivates another player, the tagged player will be considered 'captured' and their shoulders will flash red and white. Whilst captured, the player will not be able to tag other players. A player will recieve 200 points every 30 seconds for each player they have currently captured until the end of the round.


Capture the Flag - This game is very similar to the video game. Players must attempt to capture the opposition's flag and return it to their base. Each team must work together both offensively, to pick up their opposition's flag, and defensively, to protect their own. When a player has picked up their opposition's flag by tagging their base, they must return their own base in order to capture it.


Commander - The Objective of the game is to tag as many target zones as possible on the opposing team to accrue the most points of anyone playing in the game. Each team has a Commander that players can tag to gain bonus points. The first player to activate their phaser 5 times in a game is selected as the commander on each team. Commanders are white, all other players remain the color of the vest that they were wearing in the vesting room.


Human Flags - A player from each time must tag their own base in order to become the 'flag'. Once they are the flag, they need to go to their opponents base in order to drop the flag off and score a point. The rest of the team must work together to protect the flag, whilst also protecting their own base from the opposing team scoring.


Midnight Madness Teams - Midnight Madness is a game of stealth and cunning. It is based off the Standard Team game, but all pack lights are turned off. Because it's harder to tell who's on one's team, it is recommended for this game to be played by a group of friends.


Nexus Insanity - The Nexus Insanity game is a variant on the standard team game. The Objective of the game is to tag as many target zones as possible on the opposing team to accrue the most points of anyone playing in the game, however each time a player is tagged the color of the vest and hence the team the player is on changes!


Australian Nationals Competitive Formats - Our Annual World Championships are held in Australia every year. Now your players can play in the same format and compete at the same level as the pros! 


Overpower - At the start of the game, all bases are turned off. Players must tag their opponents in order to activate the base. Once it is active, all members of the team who's base is active must tag the base to destroy it. Once they do, each player on that team will be credited for all the points they earned since the start of the game, or since they last destroyed their base. Destroying their base will not effect the other team's points.

If the team's players carry on tagging other players regardless, everyone on the team will lose the points they've collected since the last time the base was destroyed.


Poison Players - This is a team game where you can you get points dependant of the number of non poisoned players on your team. When a player is tagged by an opposing team they are deamed as poisoned. Their pack will flash 2 colors. The opposing player will get the points for the tag. Points are calculated by the number of non poisoned players on the team that made the tag.


Powerball - The Powerball game is based on the Standard Team game, but it includes the Powerball. The Powerball is randomly assigned to a player at the start of the game, giving them quadruple points for player tags. When the player holding the Powerball is tagged, the Powerball is transferred to the tagger.


Seeker - Seeker is a team based game involving Seekers, and Ghosts. There can only be one team who are Ghosts at any one time, Ghosts being the only ones who can score points through tags. Seekers must thefore Seek out the Big Ball (which is an active base) and tag it in order to become Ghosts. All players start the game as Seekers.


Speed Ball - At the start of the game, the first player to tag their own base gets the 'ball'. The player must then take the ball to their opponent's base, by passing it to their team mates by tagging them. Once a player is in range of their opponent's base, they can tag the base to score a goal. An player can steal the ball from an opponent player with it by tagging them.


Standard Team - Players tag each other and gain points based on their pack colors selected before the game. One of the two most played formats in the laser tag industry.


Standard Team Pro - Standard Team PRO is a staple game of most laser game centers around the world. The Objective of the game is to tag as many target zones as possible to accrue the most points of anyone playing in the game. Players can tag only players who are on the opposing teams.


Starbase Troopers - A team role play based game. A medic and a Commander are assigned to each team and Troopers make up the rest of the team. Troopers will have 5 health and 10 power. The commander can replenish a players power and a Medic can replenish a players health by tagging them (providing that they are on the same team). The medic and commander both have 10 health each but unlimited power.


Tug of War - The objective is for players to stay the same color as they started. At the same time players attempt to tag other players to 'capture' them. Captured players will change color to the tagging player's color.


Zone Collector - A game where a team must hold as many bases in the arena for as long as possible. The longer they hold each base, the more points the get.


Greed Team - Tag the other team to get points. Players have to deposit their points before getting tagged. The team with the most points banked wins!

Elimination Color Solo - a game where each player has a limited amount of health and gets 'eliminated' from the game when they run out of health from being tagged. The game ends when either the game time elapses, or when there is only one player remaining, whichever comes first.

Elimination Rounds -A team elimination round based game, where each team must work to eliminate everyone from opposing teams in order to win a round. Each round lasts until there is only one team remaining. At the end of the round, each player remaining on that team will receive one point. If the game ends before the round is over, no points will be awarded.


Energizer Madness - A solo game where each player has a limited amount of health or power, but they can recharge (energise) at an active energise bay (a base). Only one energiser bay is active at any one time. To energise, a player simply has to be within range and line of sight of an energiser bay.


Progressive Solo Elimination - Progressive Solo Elimination is similar to the normal Elimination game, but players are eliminated at the end of every round based on the amount of points they have.


Progressive Team Elimination - Progressive Team Elimination is similar to the normal Team Elimination game, but players are eliminated at the end of every round based on the amount of points they have.

Solo Elimination - Standard Solo game where players have a set number of lives. Last player not eliminated wins.


Super Stabby-Stabby - A solo elimination game where you must protect your back. As opposed to the standard Solo Elimination, a player can only lose a life if they are tagged in the back. Also, the player who tags another player in the back gets 1000 points, as opposed to 100.

Team Elimination -  Standard Team game where players have a set number of lives. Last team not eliminated wins.


Time Warrior - Players start with a set amount of time, and must then gain time by tagging other players. Once a player runs out of time, they get eliminated.

Weakest Link - Players on teams share a number of available deactivations. Deactivating one player takes away from that pool until all lives are taken away and a team is eliminated.

Survivor Solo - Use the Helios Pro phaser lock-on feature to eliminate players and take their points. Last player standing wins.

Survior Team - Teams use the Helios Pro phaser lock-on feature to eliminate players and take their points. Last team standing wins.

Assassins - Players log-in to the Game Station and select a player to track down and deactivate.



Battle Force - Players start with different roles and abilities depending on their pack color and the roles they choose.



Friend or Foe - A team game where players are all the same color and must remember who their teammates are. Deactivating a teammate results in larger point loss.



Infection - Randomly selected players are infected and must spread the infection to other players by tagging them in the chest or back sensors. Rounds are restarted and infected players chosen at random.



Kaboom! - Players tag bases to obtain keys. Once a player turns the Cyan color, they can deactivate all players in the game with a Ka-Boom!



Lord of the Rings - Players gain point the longer they are not tagged. Time un-deactivated grants points.



Terminator - Players can randomly become the Terminator, meaning an increased shot rate and 10 shields which lasts for 30 seconds and quadruple points on player tags. However the terminator needs to move slowly otherwise be deactivated for 4 seconds.


Vampires - Vampire attempt to convert all human to spawn, Humans attempt to destroy the Vampire. Spawn battle for the vampire, attempting to convert the rest of the humans into spawn. The Vampire wins either if all the Humans are turned to Spawn or at the end of the game there are the same or more Spawn than Humans. 

You can play these special game formats during our All-You-Can-Play Sessions on Friday and Saturday nights or during our Exclusive Birthday Party events!

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