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Q-ZAR Toledo: New Ownership

Long time Store Manager and laser tag enthusiast Tysin Morrison purchased Q-Zar Toledo inc on January 1st 2024.

Q-Zar has been serving Toledo for 30 years and I hope to continue to bring smiles and great experiences to our community for many more. 

I first came to Q-Zar for my 6th birthday party and have continued to play at Q-Zar ever since. It quickly became my dream to own the store and provide the same service that was provided to me.

Q-Zar Wins "Most Visually Stunning Arena" Award 2020

Q-Zar Toledo was just awarded "Most Visually Stunning Arena" category for 2020.

The laser tag industry's most ardent supporter, "Tivia Chick" (aka Laurie Brinton) hosted the Top 10 Arenas in America contest in August 2020.

In a strong set of 10 laser tag arena's that have worked hard to raise the bar in their respective markets, only one could be the winner.

Q-Zar Toledo is THE most high-tech DMX arena in the world.  The lights and sounds are more compelling, engaging and interactive than any other location throughout the world.

We thank all the supporteres who voted for Q-Zar Toledo to be the "Most Visiually Stunning Arena".   To learn more about the Top Ten Arenas, please visit

Local Band Films Music Video at Q-Zar

An amazing band, consisting of a trio of siblings from the local area filmed a music video in June 2020.

Inner Circle Avenue, all students at the University of Toledo, contacted Q-Zar this past summer and arranged to spend a few hours filming a new music video.

Logan, Eric and Allison Alexander had a great time while filming.  The entire production crew got into the spirit.

See the video for yourself and check out Inner Circle Avenue on their website at 

KnighHeart Jams at Q-Zar in New Video

MVNIFVST MultiMedia Company shot an amazing music video at Q-Zar Laser tag.

MVNIFVST works with amazing artists and creators to allow their vision and passion to be shown to the world.

Q-Zar Toledo was humbled when MVNIFVST called and wanted to shoot a video.

To learn more about MVNIFVST, visit their website at

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