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Kids Unlimited Play Specials

Our All-You-Can-Play laser tag sessions are out of this world! Not only do you get several fun games in per session, but we can also run some of our unique special game formats!

Join us for the most exciting experiences we offer!


$20.00 per person

Saturday & Sunday: 12pm – 2pm

  • Players age 12 and under only.

  • Friends and family of players aged 12 and under may play as well.

  • Subject to availability.

  • Players must be older than 5 years of age and taller than 42in tall.

  • Limited to the first 28 players for each session.

  • We can run up to 2 sessions alternating.

  • 3 games guaranteed if purchased before 1pm.

  • We sell tickets starting at 12PM.

  • No reservations accepted - Just come on in!

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