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Toledo's Most Advanced Arena

Our laser tag arena is part of the exciting game experience!

With arena devices such as Bases, Targets, Pick-up Pads, Game Stations, Zone Gates and more, your adventure is like stepping into a live action video game!

Q-Zar Toledo Arena Full

In other arenas, the team's bases can be impossible to find. At Q-ZAR, we have Video Enhanced Bases that not only point out where the bases are, they react when they are tagged and affect the lighting and arena itself, letting everyone in the arena know they are being attacked!

Other arenas provide a bland laser tag experience where players just tag each other. In our arena, we have targets that are active randomly throughout the arena offering more points and power ups than the competition.

We also have Pick-Up Pads, Game Stations, and Zone Gates that can deactivate players or offer power-ups. More information on these can be found in our Tag Tips Section.

Our equipment also has a 3-inch touch screen on the back of the phaser allowing the players to see their score, team score, base tags, power-ups and more!


On top of that, the phaser has both a built in touch sensor to toggle between a wide-shot blast and a longer narrower beam, and a lock-on feature allowing players to tag an opponent even if they are hidden on the other side of the arena. 

Q-Zar Toledo ArenaBases
Q-Zar Toledo Pick Up Pads
Q-Zar Toledo Game Station
Helios Pro Phaser Back
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