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Corporate Team BuildingGames of Laser Tag

​Team building is important in any company. Many companies like to have corporate outings and team building events and laser tag offers a unique opportunity to bring co-workers together.

Whether co-operating to take down an opponent's base, or being linked in groups that can be all tagged at the same time, to protecting a general in a team from being eliminated from the game, we've got several constructive and objective-based missions that can help a group learn to work together.

The next time your company has the opportunity to relieve some stress, why not let us provide a fun and exciting opportunity to grow as a team?

Corporate Group Rates

  • 2 Games of Laser Tag

  • Saves $2.00 off walk in price

  • Space Guaranteed

Package is for a minimum of 10 Players. Payment must be made in one transaction.

Q-Zar Corporate Team


Private Facility Rental

Need a customized team building event or just a chance to have a company retreat and want Q-Zar Toledo exclusively for yourself?

Our 1 hour Private Facility rental is $350.00

Our 2 hour Private Facility rental is $650.00

Our 3 hour Private Facility rental is $900.00

We can also offer the following options:

Unlimited Softdrinks for your event - $25.00
Pizza - Large 1 topping 10-cut pizza for only $13.00 (Must be ordered in advance)

Get $24 tokens or 100 tokens for only $20.00
Get $65 tokens or 250 tokens for only $50.00
Get $100 tokens or 400 tokens for only $75.00
Get $125 tokens or 500 tokens for only $100.00

To book an exclusive facility rental, please contact:

Erik Guthrie

Group Sales


Q-zar Toledo 25 Year anniversary
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